Loan for women on maternity or parental leave

This loan for women, offers a loan from 15000 USD to 100000 USD. You pay the money in the form of regular monthly installments.

The loan is intended for all who can prove regular income. Thus even for women on maternity or parental status who have regular monthly maternity or parental status. So even if you are currently unemployed, at home with your child, you can borrow up to USD 100,000 immediately.

Loan not only for women on maternity leave

Loan not only for women on maternity leave

Not only a woman on maternity leave , but anyone who has a regular monthly income can apply for money here . This could be a payroll (employer’s confirmation or payroll). Or it can be a pension (disability or old age). The loan is also intended for self-employed persons (the tax return is documented).

Fast loan up to 100 000 USD

This non-bank loan offers:

  • Non-bank loan from USD 15,000 to USD 100,000 (up to USD 99,000)
  • Maturity 12 or 16 months
  • Regular monthly payments
  • Reasonable interest (25%) and APR (59%)
  • Processing online, over the Internet
  • Execution even without confirmation of income from employment
  • You have your money in your account right now – today

Maternity or parental loan

Maternity or parental loan

You can also apply for this non-bank loan as a woman who has “only” maternity or parental status. The basic assumption is that you are at least 18 years old and you are a citizen.

You will also need two IDs – a valid ID and a second ID (with photo). You provide proof of income – proof that you are entitled to maternity or parental status, or possibly an account statement. For employees, this would be a job certificate or pay slip, etc.

Online Loan Application for Women

Online Loan Application for Women

If you are interested in this offer and would like to try a non-binding online application or learn more, you can look here:

Online loan application for women for maternity leave up to USD 100,000

This online application form is non-binding. You will immediately see if your loan could be approved. Then you just fill in the required documents, and you can still have money in your bank account today.

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